2021-05-14 - Notes from regular team call




  • Actual status of current tasks + next steps

Body porady

5 minIntroduction of new team members

5 min

UX/UI design update:

  • Next Thursday meeting (Jirka + Blanka + Petra) + visual designer (scatches will be ready)
  • Till this meeting: Otakar will focus on gamification 
  • And meeting with copywriter is also scheduled

15 min

Tech update (Github, Codemagic, Play Console, Apple Store)

  • Next steps from Luca: 
  • Get empty project into Github + permissions + create permissions
  • Create pipeline + AppStore +PlayStore 
  • Connect services for notifications and reports (Tuesday - meeting with Blanka about accounts) - activation of accounts (1-2 weeks go - publish/release into AppStore)

Martin Ladecký: E-mailing when users will uninstall the App - where we will have e-mail store? Loono has Salesforce (should work as CRM) - Blanka will ask partner if is it possible to use it? We will solve it when pipeline will be done!

5 min

Team decision: Common language during meetings: English + in slack channel

10 min

Status of our MVP

  • conclusion: me (prevention), explore (page summary), profile (or settings)
  • Blanka will connect with public institution about list of doctor

Milestones in Airtable

10 min

Layer GDPR onboarding: What kind of data Loono need to storage?

5 min

Jira update: access is working, next week Adéla Kalusováwill schedule call for start using it

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