2021-05-21 - Notes from regular team call

Date: 21-May-2021

Participants: @Petra Císařová @Blanka Sigmundová @Otakar Hyps @luca @Martin Ladecký @Adéla Kalusová

Goal: Progress of team tasks from previous meeting








20 minutes

UX/UI Design update


  • What is done? Onboarding of visual designer, till end of May she will be ready with initiate ideas

  • Otakar showed us prevention - 1st flow in figma

  • “Nevím kam se objednat” - this solution will be updated when analysis will be ready

  • ! Tip from Martin - we should be prepared for side effects with points. Currently Otakar putting random points and he has different shield with potential scenario for gaming (dynamic of game).

Explore part:

  • Blanka - how should landing page look like foe explore part? (content is ready)

  • Otakar - have a look for current web to see how flexible is it, its not about landing page but about content and articles

  • Peťa can provide Otakar access to Loono web

Current version in figma should be fine for prototype.

We will start with focus on visual part of the App


15 min

Tech update

  • What is done? Luca: some account are still pending, created repository in GitHub, Production and testing environment done

  • Luca will focus on: Google part + Focus more for architecture and pipeline

  • Martin: Backend is planned - a lot of complexity on backend, we have to discuss it when Martin W. will be back from vacation

  • More details already in our Jira backlog

  • Martin + Blanka: working with insurance companies - access to API - ongoing


10 min

Marketing - new copywriter

  • Story and name of the App - she should think about it

  • Diana: she will prepare some first characters/ avatars





Action points:

@Petra Císařová can provide Otakar access to Loono web
@Adéla Kalusová organize additional call for Jira + during the call add work for copywriters
@Romana Pokorná are you able to provide new joiners access to G-drive, please?
@Adéla Kalusová / @Romana Pokorná - follow up with Ondra Holoubek (any answer from him)
@Blanka Sigmundová contacting insurance companies about details of data source (API), they have to accept access for Loono)